Monday, 4 April 2011

Free Organic Homemade Solid Lotion Barn Tutorial ...

I want to share my recipe to create organic, chemical free solid lotion bars!

It is easy to make and the perfect lotion bar for  your hands, elbows, or any other part of your body. I have never used a store bought hand care product again since I began making this solid lotion bar!


3 oz. beeswax
3 oz. cocoa butter
3 oz. sunflower oil
essential oil or fragrance oil (optional)

I only use organic ingredients from my local Fair Trade store!

- Gently melt the beeswax and cocoa butter 'au bain marie';
- When melted add the sunflower oil and stir until thouroughly mixed;
- Keep stirring until the mixture is slightly cooled, then add essential oil or fragrance oil if you want (about 1  tea spoon);
- Pour the mixture into moulds and let it harden. (I use a silicon muffin mould).

Voila! Your chemical free all natural Solid Lotion Bars are ready for use!



  1. This is great Becks!!I think I may have to try this one!!

  2. Wow this is so nice! Thanks for "Liking" my Etsy shop - now I have found your blog!

  3. This sounds so good and easy. I am giving it a try on my blog today. Stop by later to see how it goes.

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