Wednesday, 6 April 2011

An Accidental Tea Treat . . .


As I was having breakfast this morning, I had forgotten a teaspoon. Too lazy to get up from the breakfast table, I used the spoon that was in the jar of jam to stir my tea to dissolve the honey.

It still had some jam on it, but -again- I was too lazy to wipe it clean. 

That turned out to be the best thing ever! When I drank my tea it had a light taste of black berries, mixed with the clover honey that I use to sweeten my tea.

And thus a new tea idea was born: flavour your tea with a little bit of your favourite jam. Try it, and I guarantee you'll love it!


  1. That jam is soooo good, I buy it too. I'll have to try some in my tea!

  2. I know, it's my favourite brand of jam!

    Great minds think alike! ;-)

  3. I love how an "accident" turns into a wonderful treat! :-)

    I've never tried that brand of jam, but blackberry is my all time favorite jam.

    I know I read somewhere blackberry tea has some healing properties too.